Water Damage Restoration and Construction

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Water Damage Restoration can lead to large expensive building projects. Unfortunately what most people do not realize is that their home can also be ruined by Water Damage. So, what does Water Damage Restoration entail? Water Damage Restoration can be extremely dangerous and expensive as well and is often a leading cause of home insurance claims. Continuous rise in damage by any means increases in restoration costs.

Water Damage Restoration

Drying – The water restoration process begins with drying. This can best be done by using an oscillating dryer set on a low setting. Be sure to use the air scrubbers or blowers designed for water damage cleaning to ensure no damage is done to carpets, drywall, or nearby drywall. Air scrubbers and blowers can be used at higher settings, but generally should not be used in areas where there is moisture present, as the heat generated can easily cause problems with electrical equipment.

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Water damage cleanup requires thorough sweeping and careful vacuuming. Water that seeps into drywall or adjacent drywall areas or has pooled underneath a floor can easily seep back into the structure during the next rains water extraction el paso. Water, even if removed from the immediate area, will need to be extracted and cleaned from the carpet, upholstery, drapes, and ceiling. If the damage is caused by a broken water restoration supply pipe, there will be an added need to find a source of clean water for the home, which could become a recurring problem. Additionally, once the carpet is cleaned and dried, it may become necessary to replace the carpeting, as it may take additional time to dry.

Repair –

Depending upon the severity of the water damage and the duration of time since the event, any repairs needed will vary. For example, small cracks and small holes will likely be filled with a primer before filling with drywall or padding. In larger holes or cracks, waterproofing compounds may be applied directly to the affected area, or a water restoration contractor may be called to treat larger damages. Any time period between the time of the incident and the time of any repair is important, as this can impact the stability of the structure and make necessary renovations. Additionally, if there are living quarters in the building, any water damage during the time period of the flooding may mean the replacement of the entire building.

Roofing –

Water restoration services damage to the roof is a very common problem, especially in wetter seasons when roofing leaks and mildew can occur more often. In many cases, the leaking roof tiles may be easier to fix than the water itself, as the water may have gotten inside the tile, causing a more severe structural issue. As such, it is important for roofing professionals to be on hand at any site where roofing may have been affected by the flooding. Depending on the severity of the damage, they may be able to repair the roofing materials to rebuild them. In some cases, a new roof may be needed, but if that isn’t possible, a thorough inspection and repair job should be performed to return the roof to its former integrity.

Homeowners are encouraged to contact their insurance company if they notice anything out of the ordinary while in the process of restoring their property. When water damage restoration and construction are needed due to the homeowner’s negligence, the insurance company will pay for the cost of the rebuilding process, regardless of who was at fault. Because insurance coverage is usually mandatory in most areas, homeowners should never attempt to complete any part of the work without consulting with their insurance company. It may mean the difference between getting a refund or not having to pay for the costly reconstruction.

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