Trampoline Tricks For All Ages

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Trampoline tricks are what make up the bulk of the modern trampoline arena. They combine the fun of bouncing on one of those bouncy tubes with a bit of physical training and skill practice. While jumping on a trampoline is one of the greatest pleasures, a child can experience, being able to eventually jump off without harming himself is even greater satisfaction.

Trampoline Tricks

This is why trampoline tricks if performed correctly, are a great way for children to encourage themselves to exercise while having fun. There are many different tricks that can be performed on trampolines, but the most popular include jump roping, skipping, trapeze, and trampoline basketball.

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Jump roping is one of the simplest trampoline tricks and involves a simple setup. The platform of the trampoline is set up as if it were a set of stairs, with two chairs placed at the bottom landing. Using a rope, the performer pulls the rope back towards him or her, and as he or she hits the ground, jumps up into the first chair best 8ft trampoline review. Jumping off of a trampoline in this fashion is one of the easiest tricks to learn, since there are no protective pads to get tangled in, and little chance of injury due to the sheer lack of body contact.

Skipping is probably the trick that every child learns first since it requires the least amount of space and is thus one of the easiest trampoline tricks to master. A sliding trampoline can either be set up as a series of platforms or as one large structure.

Either way, the individual bounces off of whichever surface he or she is on and then returns to where they started. Jumping off of a trampoline while skipping is one of the more spectacular trampoline tricks, and has been the inspiration for many famous athletes.

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