Tips For Matching Eyeglass Frames to Your Face

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When you are looking for a pair of eyeglasses, it is important that you choose the best designer and follow the design guidelines for choosing a pair of frames that will fit you and compliment your eye shape. Many people today have a very busy lifestyle and are unable to spend a long time as an optician. For these people, it is better to choose a frame that is not necessarily made from high-quality materials but has a simple and elegant design. This way, you can save time by visiting only a few stores and you also get a great pair of eyewear within a short time. Here is a quick guide for choosing frames and how to wear them:

Tips For Matching Eyeglass Frames

First of all, determine the size of your glasses or eyeglass frame. This is very important for eyeglass designs because different frame sizes are suitable for different face shapes eyewear. For example, oval-shaped faces should wear small frames, while round and square-shaped faces should wear large frame sizes.

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Secondly, find out which shape your eye is. If you are unsure what eye shape you have, you can consult an optician to help you with your choice. Round eyes usually require larger eye sizes so choose round or oval-shaped frame sizes. Square eyes usually require smaller sizes and should be worn either horizontally or vertically.

Thirdly, choose a frame size that will suit your needs. If you have large eyes, you will require a large frame. Therefore, if you are choosing a small frame, you will not be able to see clearly. However, if you prefer small eyeglass designs, you should choose a frame size that is not larger than your eyeglasses.

Fourthly, find out about your facial shape before you purchase frames. Round faces should wear small oval-shaped frames. Similarly, square faces should wear small square-shaped frames. And long faces should wear large rectangular frames.

Fifthly, take into consideration the shape of your jaw before purchasing your eyewear. An overbite makes your face look wider than it is. So an underbite makes your face look longer. An oval face looks proportionate to round-shaped frames.

Sixthly, take into consideration your face shape when buying glasses. Round faces appear larger when wearing large frames. Meanwhile, square faces appear smaller when wearing small frames. Thus, oblong-shaped faces appear larger when wearing large eyeglasses.

Seventhly, take into consideration the frame size. You can go to any eyeglass store and get advice regarding which kind of eyeglasses fits you best. But if you are having trouble making up your mind, you can use Google images for a rough idea. Or, you can make an image of your face on any size monitor and play with it. You can play with the scale of your face and see whether the image looks proportionate to the size of your face. If not, you should go for a different size.

Finally, always stick to the basic rule – match the style of frame that goes well with your clothes. If you have a suit, then you can get a bow tie or a scarf to go along with your eyeglasses. If you have on shorts, then don’t wear a skirt or a dress with a large frame. And so on.

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