Thinking of Buying a Second-hand Piano Privately?

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Countless secondhand pianos change hands independently each year. Just a mall variety is in great playing condition. Many pianos provided to us, we really purchase fewer than one in ten of these – and nearly everyone wants work on it to a lesser or greater extent.

Second-hand Piano

If you’re trying to find a piano it’s very important to keep in mind two things.

Pianos aren’t all the exact same quality.

Before 1914, at the boom years of piano earnings, enormous numbers were created in tiny workshops to fulfill the casio gp300 requirement for inexpensive pianos. They were of inferior quality when fresh and countless are still about, many centuries later, in horrible condition.

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They’re currently 60,70,80, years old – almost old era in the life span of a piano. Should they’ve been well preserved throughout their lifetime they may continue to be good tools, but should they’ve been abused or neglected they’ll be tired, next speed pianos.

Some will probably be”the family heirloom” handed down through many centuries, much loved but frequently unplayed and failed. Such pianos might have sentimental value for their owners but their own true value, as a playing piano, can be nil.

Pianos don’t survive forever

A piano is composed of approximately 5000 components many of that procedure.

A fantastic piano, well preserved, has the exact same useful lifespan as an individual – the couple is in very excellent shape following 80 decades! Bear in mind that the piano you purchase will most likely be the only one you ever purchase so search for the most economical and finest high-quality tool you may find.

What Should I Search for in A Second-hand Piano?

Not many individuals have some technical knowledge about pianos. The listing below will provide you a good notion of a few of the problems frequently found in secondhand pianos.

Sticking secrets or hammers

This is normally the consequence of being in a moist atmosphere. The sensed absorbs moisture, swells, and motion is limited. If just a couple of notes are sticking it could be possible to facilitate them. If a lot is sticking the activity (i.e. the moving components within the piano) likely has to be dismantled and reconstructed. Expensive!

Noisy secrets or sound from the activity

An indication of wear. A tuner could have the ability to make alterations to reduce the undesirable sounds but if it’s badly worn out a rebuild will be required.

Tough Tone

Possibly caused by worn and compacted hammer felts. Quite heavily worn hammers can’t be treated this manner and fresh hammerheads have to get fitted.

Dull, lifeless tone

This might be partly because of worn-out hammers but is more inclined to imply the piano strings have dropped their initial suppleness and require replacing. This is an important undertaking and just higher quality pianos could justify the price.

The dull tone might also be the consequence of splits having grown in the wooden soundboard. These may be amended but, again, it’s just worth doing so to really fantastic pianos.

Out of song

In the event, the whole piano is out of song it’s most likely because it hasn’t yet been tuned for a while. Determined by how far it’s dropped under pitch a couple of tunings should place this right.

If, But just 1 part of a couple of notes are very very badly out of tune and is obviously very much worse compared to the remainder of the piano, this indicates actually problems. IT is probable the pruning board has lost its capacity to maintain the tuning pins closely enough to maintain pressure on the strings. It’s normal on pianos made prior to the 1960s. They weren’t constructed to withstand the dry atmospheres made by contemporary central heating systems. Avoid at any cost.


They attack the wood – look for holes and small heaps of dust. To assess, the piano has to be dismantled so far as practicable and carefully analyzed with a flashlight. Look behind it under the keyboard.

Minor damage isn’t significant but irreversible harm is expensive to put right.

The strings are carried onto a cast-iron framework. Analyze the whole framework carefully using a flashlight. Although cracked frames aren’t common if the framework is deciphered the piano is a write-off.

Uneven piano secrets

Kneel down till your eyes are level with all the piano keys. They ought to be flat along the entire length. If they’re not they’ll have to be corrected by a proficient piano tuner to earn the piano simpler to perform with.

In the event, the keys form an arc using either an increase or a depression in the middle it’s likely that the wooden framework where the keys sit warped. Avoid.

The pedals are linked to the actions by levers. Relatively straightforward to place but best done by means of a piano tuner.


The core of the piano is interior – that the casework is mainly decorative. A clean appealing case can hide an entire mess inside. Never buy another hand piano simply because the situation work appears great or will suit your room.

Should you locate a piano that plays well but has casework in bad condition remember that even though pianos could be stripped and repolished that the price is that just pianos of really excellent quality can justify the cost.


They’re almost without exception horrible pianos that the owner would like to eliminate and are usually completely unsuitable for any pianist.
* Pianos with frames. We have yet to encounter one inadequate condition after being saved in an outhouse.
* Pianos that have never been played or staged years.

Purchase if potential

They’re greatest in central heating
Pianos that have been regularly maintained and staged. The request who the piano is and consult him about the state of the piano – he’ll recall.

Extra prices

Bear in mind that along with the price of the piano You’ll Have the Cost of


* Transportation, particularly if stairs are included
* Tuning after in Your House
* Vital repairs recommended by the tuner

Collectively this normally adds up to approximately #200 and also may be very much longer in case your piano requires a whole lot of work.

Pro Advice

The individual selling the piano could genuinely be oblivious of the flaws within their own piano (and some could well be conscious but say nothing!) Before you purchase individually please, please ask a respectable independent piano tuner to examine the piano for you. He’ll bill you with this but can save you wasting money through purchasing a terrible piano. We regret that since we might well be competing against one to buy the piano where you’re interested we can’t be regarded as impartial and cannot supply this support.

1 word of advice though- not, ever purchase a piano only as it’s cheap. Affordable pianos are cheap as they’re often worthless as playing devices.

Equally don’t feel that by paying more to some personal seller it ensures that you’re purchasing a fantastic excellent piano. Most piano owners possess a considerably inflated idea of just how much their piano is worth and ask a cost that might not have any regard to its age, illness, or true worth.

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