The Way Blockchain Might Combat Blood Diamonds

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One of my greatest fantasies for Africa is that we start to aggressively fix our personal problems using emerging technologies. Ideally, these alternatives will block the cycle of corruption and poverty.


If it concerns the Diamond sector, there isn’t any better time than today to utilize emerging technologies to fix the long-run problem of battle mining joseph lubin consensys layoffs. By employing Blockchain we can eliminate the unethical and powerful extraction of diamonds and other valuable metals, which is frequently controlled by rebel forces. What’s disheartening is that a lot of this forceful labor is imposed on youthful and innocent civilians.

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Tracing the roots of diamonds hasn’t been an easy or straight forward procedure, and for countless years dishonest individuals have been able to utilize the loopholes to their own advantage.
The fantastic news is that the developments in technology during the past couple of decades have introduced improved methods for communicating data.

My view is that Blockchain technologies are a pro-active direction of enforcing trust and transparency in the Diamonds business. I am going to explain the way below. (In case You’re not knowledgeable about the tech, this Report provides a Little More background)

Among the top systems which spring to mind is TrustChain. Unlike a number of different Blockchains, this one is immunity into some”51 percent bulk assault” since it introduces a third party in the registering of each block. Thereby ensuring”Proof of’ Trust’.

Pairing a Blockchain

If You’re wondering exactly what that implies, it pertains to the popular query; “Why Are Blockchains are extremely un-hackable?”

The truth is, its unbelievably tough to hack any Blockchain. Hacking any 1 block would imply needing to hack every previous and following block until another block is shaped. This becomes exponentially hard to perform as the series of cubes grow.

But, that doesn’t signify a hack is hopeless. A person or group of hackers may obtain control if they could hack the vast majority of the system’s hash speed to revise trade history, this could prevent new trades from being verified on the Blockchain. Though this kind of attack is extremely improbable and extremely tough to execute, it’s reassuring to know that systems such as TrustChain are intended to completely remove this potential.

Kimberley Process Improved

The Kimberley procedure was commissioned in 2000 from the UN to fight the trade of conflict diamonds. The dilemma is it is nevertheless a newspaper based alternative that relies on certificates and a community of dealers. Even though the initiative was supposed to do great, it doesn’t eliminate the chance of malicious action within trading communities.

What makes Blockchain distinct is the fact that it leaves no space for corruption or bribery by people, at any given level. The confidence has been built into the machine and trades are available and transparent. No government or program administrator can randomly subject certificates or change information. The character of Blockchain design is to make a dispersed ledger where trades are listed chronologically and procured using innovative cryptography… thereby rendering it almost impossible to edit present data.

Diamond Data

Since diamonds have quite unique elements to the way they have been formed, each trade would be equally distinctive. Transactions would capture the exceptional fingerprint of each rock including its color, carat, and clarity, sequential number in addition to how much every rock was offered for at each touch-point. We’d have the ability to trace every measure of a diamond purchase on the Blockchain.

Diamond providers often rely on many intermediaries to maneuver diamonds throughout the world. Introducing this technology into the business would signify that intermediaries will perform less of a significant function in the process, leaving no space for mistakes or corruption.

To outline, it’s apparent that diamond Blockchains are a significant turning point in this business. This could drastically lower the profitability of these selling diamonds, which might then lead to the close of the blood gemstone age.

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