Rhino Blazing Fire Extinguishers – The Most Advancement in Prevention

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The Rhino 660 spark arrestor is one of the newest no-mess, no-fuss fire starters for all your electric equipment. This new and improved arrestor system will take the guesswork out of starting fires in any hazardous environment.

Rhino Blazing Fire Extinguishers

The system starts by sensing a fuse that has been shorted out or short-circuited, then automatically arming itself with an electrical surge of up to 200 amps, which will easily cut through the insulated glass or even metal door that may have been left open Rhino Spark. The high voltage also has enough juice to go through any window or door that may have remained open when you closed the garage door.

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One of the most unfortunate times to have this happen would be after you have just done work on the car and the battery cables have been attached and removed and are in the midst of reconnecting them back to the vehicle.

If the windows were open, the power surge may have gotten the wires to become hot and maybe melt some of the insulation. This is where the Rhino 660 spark deflector will come into play as it will quickly reduce the current flow and force the spark plug to explode before it gets to too high of a voltage.

If you are still worried about starting a fire in an area where there may be open wiring, or anywhere that you may have had to work on some wires, the Rhino 660 spark arrestor will turn off the power if the voltage is detected. It can be remotely programmed to shut off once the current has exceeded a certain point.

It comes with an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the power once the temperature reaches a certain temperature. You can program this unit to start once the air temperature reaches a pre-determined temperature and the heat is at a safe level. This system will work regardless if you are at home, the workplace, or even if you are at a hotel or a relative’s house.