Real Estate Information on Maitland Market and Winter Park Market

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Maitland and Winter Park, two towns just north of downtown Orlando are situated directly next door to one another. While the two are famous for their upscale homes and property, a string of lakes, and variety of parks, in addition, they have very the small-town sense with a true sense of community among neighbours.

Real Estate Information on Maitland Market

There are now 320 single-family houses offered for sale in the town of Winter Park with costs which property management range from just over $40,000 to almost $9,000,000 with the majority of houses priced in the ballpark of $250,000-$400,000.

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Maitland is famous because of it is famous school district, including Dommerich and Lake Sybelia Elementary colleges, Maitland Middle and Winter Park High, is home to the Florida Film Festival, held yearly in the sole independent film theatre in Central Florida, the Enzian, in addition to the Maitland Art Center, listed on the historical registry and comprising exceptional Mayan/Aztec sculptures, murals, and bas reliefs.

Maitland now has 161 single-family houses offered for sale ranging from $46,000 to $3,500,000 with the majority of homes also priced in the ballpark of $250,000-$400,000.

Residing in the Winter Park Maitland place can comprise Saturdays angling on the lake, Sundays eating crepes for breakfast in the farmer’s market, lunch in Palmano’s outdoor cafe dinner at Antonio’s cash home buyers in Memphis. Take a beverage at Luma’s or enjoy a glass of wine whilst watching the sunset over the lake around the yard at Houston’s. After per month you may lay a blanket down, bring a picnic basket, and see the film from the central park but it’s going be disrupted from time to time since they’ll pause the film once the train goes.

There is a line out Jeremiah’s Italian ice each night about 7 pm and everybody hangs out to eat. On occasion, the local fire department may also stop by and join. The parents in Dommerich basic not just send their children there, they moved there themselves years before and grew up in precisely the exact same area they currently reside in with their own families. You’ll come across pancake breakfasts, street parades, children riding bicycles and playing road hockey… it is a throwback to yesteryear but may nevertheless be experienced now.

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