Range Rover Sport Review – An Overview

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There has been a lot of Range Rover Sport reviews that have appeared in the press recently. In one such review, the test car was said to have run out of petrol when it was out on the open road A Range Rover Sport review states that the car is built to be strong and that it is able to cope with the rough terrain and hilly roads. Range Rover is known to be an all-weather car as this is its main target market. The Sport review continues by saying that the interior is comfortable and that it will not feel cramped.

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Range Rover Sport Review

In another review, the steering seemed to respond well when the steering wheel was touched. One Australian owner of the car did not find that the car was very easy to drive and did not feel that it responded all that well when he was driving it. There were problems with the brake lights going out when the brakes were applied and the brakes also felt weak and wobbly. It could do no better than saying that it felt like it could do no better than say 10mpg.

Final Words

The Australian owners of the car have given it a rating of four stars, which is the lowest that can be given. So this is one model of the Range Rover that we would recommend for anyone out there who is looking for a family car. This car is built solidly and will stand up to tough Australian terrain.