Police, Corrections, or Safety – The Ideal Law-Enforcement Career for You

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When looking into places in law enforcement and safety, you will most likely discover there are more choices out there than you ever thought. Some of the career choices need less training or much more, obviously, or have lower or higher pay rates, plus all of them have their own set of advantages and pitfalls. Here, you will get a synopsis of three legislation enforcement-related professions: Police Officer, Corrections Officer, and Security Officer.


Of the 3 law enforcement professions discussed here, employed as a Police Officer is usually the most demanding, as it requires extensive training and the capability to manage stressful and life-threatening scenarios Cyber Security. Unlike in the safety and corrections industries, Police Officers work across town, including an excessive amount of danger into the position.

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As a result of this, the recruiting procedure for new Police Officers in many U.S. cities is extensive and long. In L.A., as an instance, the recruitment procedure involves 12 measures, such as background testimonials, polygraphs, and emotional, psychological, and physical tests. Following the software and the recruiting procedure has finished, candidates are usually provided a recruiting training regime, which happens before authentic recruit training.

Even though Police Officers undergo rigorous assessments and training, there are a number of definite advantages to this career as compared with other law enforcement professions. For starters, the cover is usually greater. Together with five years on the drive, the median salary rises to $44,000.

Virtually as demanding as functioning as a Police Officer is a profession as a Corrections officer. Much like Police Officers, Corrections Officers have to undergo a succession of tests and assessments to find out whether they’re fit for that specific career. While not as strict as the Police Officer application procedure, the Corrections Officer application procedure incorporates lots of the very same components, like a written exam, a medical screening, and a background check.

Though wages in the Corrections field can go up beyond $70,000 yearly (Supervisors/Managers), many Corrections Officers earn under a police officer. The median salary for a Corrections Officer or Jailer is 33,600 (2004).

Unlike Authorities or Corrections Officers, Safety Officers or Guards normally work from the private industry for institutions such as casinos and banks, or at the public business from public buildings, labs, etc. The duties of a Safety Officer vary considerably, as does the cover rate. A Safety Officer’s responsibilities vary from patrol and review of property and people to fire and theft prevention, to interviewing witnesses.

Regrettably, as work for a Safety Officer needs less training than other law enforcement professions, the cover is also reduced. But for individuals working in the private industry as Personal Security Specialists, this amount may go up to $36,000.


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