Photo Booth Accessories For Your Party, Wedding, Or Corporate Event

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Whether you’re planning a party, wedding, or corporate event, you’ll need the proper photo booth accessories to set up the booth and get the most fun out of your photos. The following list contains some of the most important photo booth accessories to consider:

Photo Booth Accessories

Props: If you’re planning a wedding, you can find thematic props on Etsy, like a conductor’s hat or vintage luggage. If you’re celebrating a spring or Easter party, a giant paper rose will do the trick. Using a stick and some basic muslin, you can create the bindle that hitchhikers use. Using props to make the photos more fun and unique will make your guests laugh all night long!

Props: Apart from props, there are some basic photo booth accessories you can choose from, like an astronaut helmet or a colorful backdrop from The Photo Bus El Paso. You can get custom-printed pet pictures, which you can even have printed at a local print shop. Chalkboard speech bubbles are another great prop for a photo booth, where guests can write messages on them. A NASA helmet or a costume can be fun for dressing up and is a great addition to your booth.

Props: Aside from plastic ones, you can also choose wooden ones for your booth. These props are easy to find and will give your guests a creative outlet while making the photos. Cardstock can also be a great alternative to paper or plastic props. Whether you’re looking for inexpensive photo booth accessories or vintage pieces, you’re sure to find something that fits the theme. These accessories will make your guests happy for years to come!

Props: Wedding photo booth props are a great way to match your theme or color scheme. You can even buy emojis to go with your theme. The emojis are ideal for people who text, while the traditional kits are great for those who prefer more traditional decorations. Lastly, you can purchase a life-size picture frame if you want to make your photos extra special. And if you’re planning a winter wedding, you can get a life-size picture frame to frame guests’ heads.

Assorted Photo Booth Props: Assorted Photo Booth Props include hats, mouths, hats, ties, and unicorn horns. If you’re looking for fun props for your photo booth, you can find many of them at a craft store. For a memorable party, there are a lot of accessories to choose from. Take your time to look through them. Then, make sure that you have a fun and memorable experience for your guests.