Obtaining Driving Instructor Certification

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Obtaining driving instructor certification is a great way to begin a career in teaching. It’s a rewarding job that can offer a variety of opportunities. You’ll need to take a series of training courses, including a DMV-approved course that will teach you how to drive safely. Moreover, you’ll have to complete the MV-262 form to prove that you have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Driving Instructor Certification

In order to qualify for driving instructor certification, you must first complete a basic course, known as DEX 101. You’ll also need to complete DEX 201, which teaches the necessary teaching techniques. This five-hour course will prepare you for the test.

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Once you’ve completed the training, you can begin training. After completing the training courses, you can begin teaching. Remember to take care when instructing students because your job is not easy, but it will help you earn more money.

Once you’re certified, you’ll need to pass your test. Driving instructors must have a clean driving record. License suspensions or revocations can prevent you from receiving an instructor’s certificate Driving Schools East London. Applicants who have unsatisfactory driving records are ineligible for instructor certification.

These include any moving violation or conviction under M.G.L. and must be at least two years old. A good instructor should be patient and understanding and will provide students with valuable information and tips on safe driving.