MCL Fire Extinguishers

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MCL Fire Service is Northern Ireland’s leading fire safety company. Providing a wide range of services spanning Fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems supply, installation, and maintenance. They are a member of the Irish Association of Plastic Engineers. In addition, they are one of the producers of the world’s most widely used and versatile Extinguishers.”

MCL Fire Extinguishers

With over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing and sale of MCL Fire Extinguishers, we have successfully maintained the reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness of our products. In particular, MCL Fire has continued to lead the industry in innovation, product diversification, and customer service excellence. MCL has six factory fire protection facilities located throughout Belfast, Ireland. These locations produce the most up-to-date extinguishers and other fire protection equipment in the world.

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MCL Fire believes that each person in the community should be equipped with fire extinguishers. Therefore, all employees should be trained in the use and maintenance. Employees should also carry the proper fire protection equipment when they are on duty. This is especially important for large businesses and industries.

An MCL Fire station is equipped with state of the art equipment including fire extinguishers, hygienic cleaning supplies, and a fire control box. The fire extinguishers are fully automated and designed for quick and easy access. They are also easily readable. All fire extinguishers are manufactured to meet international standards. MCL Fire believes that every person has the right to live in a safe environment and that all people share a responsibility to make sure their homes, offices, and other public places are fire safe at all times. MCL also provides training in the use of fire extinguishers.

Each fire extinguisher is tested before it is sold. Employees are also trained in the proper use and maintenance of MCL fire protection equipment. Fire safety training is also provided when purchasing. Fire safety training not only includes the use of fire extinguishers but also includes the knowledge of proper safety precautions.

MCL also trains individuals on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Fire safety equipment such as gloves, masks, aprons, and fire-resistant clothing are all provided by MCL Fire for its customers. There is also a fire safety seminar held yearly. This seminar is designed to train individuals on the latest safety standards that have been adopted and to educate them on the use of MCL fire safety equipment. The MCL also participates in several fire protection training programs that are conducted by the American Society of Fire Engineers (ASFE) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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