How to Use Video in Your Investor Relations Strategy

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Raising Your Profile

Within this market of markets and money-conscious investors, the price of increasing capital or your inventory’s profile isn’t just becoming higher but the ROI is almost non-existent. It looks like every organization is working harder and spending more on investor relations and advertising efforts but affording far fewer outcomes.

Investor Relations Strategy

In increasing your inventory’s profile, there’s nothing more important than creating strong relationships, making opportunities to pitch investors, and identifying your business to entice new investors.

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If your organization will spend any money in an IR or advertising campaign to boost the profile of your company’s inventory, you better be certain you have set in place the ideal company branding which targets investors rather than only your clientele vancouver commercial real estate advisor. If you do not, you might lose tens of thousands of dollars in investments from shareholders who would have been considering your organization’s inventory but spent elsewhere as your absence of a corporate picture.

Respect Your Investors

Investors will need to understand that you honor them. Nobody will invest in a business with a site they do not know or written in a different language. Nowadays, nobody will invest in an organization that spends little if any money on their company image. Fortunately, changing how you present to investors is straightforward. A simple first step would be to integrate professionally created investor-geared videos in your own program.

Tell a Story

Videos are an excellent first step but there are significant pitfalls if you try to do it without understanding what functions. Let us face it: Many corporate movies are boring.

Videos will need to tell a narrative. It has to be well-scripted and well-produced since this bit of material is going to be the very first thing investors consider and might be the very last thing that they see before they make any investment decisions. But as soon as you’ve got one, it is going to become your strongest selling tool – besides yourself, naturally.

Do not believe me? Have a look and do a little study. You’ll come across the reply will not be surprising (given comparable comparables, naturally.)

Impactful Selling

By now that the company has participated in advertising initiatives or have asked about different advertising strategies. Perhaps you have noticed that movie advertisements reach fewer individuals than their print counterparts but cost more compared to what the viewers achieve? That is because videos are more capable of selling.

Let us take TV infomercials such as which frequently sell useless products. If they had been to send a booklet or email marketing the very same goods they did on TV, just how a lot of people would really respond and purchase something out of a booklet they obtained? Still, people respond and buy useless items from infomercials daily.

Hopefully, your firm’s shares aren’t useless. However, the essentials of marketing remain the exact same to your company’s inventory as it’s for all those unworthy items on the infomercials.

Still do not believe video is ideal for your business?

Recently of online video advertising exposure, 52 percent took action after viewing a movie advertising, 45% elicited a reply, 28% seemed for additional info, and an astonishing 16% purchased something. I strongly doubt any print advertisements can attain these amounts.

The biggest myth concerning using video on your own investor relations program is the fact that it must cost a good deal. It does not. You will find a select group of IR companies that could deal with every procedure involved everywhere in North America, do it using very minimal funding, and introduce your video into a completely new community of investors. Just be certain that you locate a company that not only knows the investment community but can enable you to script and generate a movie geared towards shareholders.

Every customer or each firm we interviewed concerning the usage of the video within their IR campaigns all agree it is the simplest and best promotional item they’ve created.

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