How to Choose Between a Manual Transfer Case and an Automatic Towing Transfer Case

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Many people who own RVs have requested and still continue to use flat tow trucks when traveling in the wilderness or transporting campers to and from trails. Flat Tow vehicles are perfect for this because they make traveling simpler, safer, and more efficient than traditional flatbed trucks. Yet not all flat tow vehicles are created equal.

Automatic Towing Transfer Case

Some flat towing vehicles are powered by a manual transmission (sometimes referred to as a stick shift) while others are powered by an automatic transmission. This difference between an automatic and a manual transfer case can make a big difference in how easily camper travel with a flat tow vehicle. If you want a smooth, comfortable ride with little maintenance, go with a stick shift transmission.

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Another major difference between these two types of towing is weight. All flat tow vehicles are considered lightweight because they don’t need a full tank of fuel to move around vehicle transport. Since they are so light, these types of vehicles can be driven almost anywhere, but if you are going to be traveling with very heavy equipment, an automatic transmission will give you better fuel mileage and a longer travel time.

Also, it is important that your vehicle is in good physical condition before you purchase it. Some manufacturers of flat tow behind trailers advise against using them for family or recreational purposes and recommend instead that you use a semi-trailer or Class A motor vehicle.