Hardwood Floor Repair – How to Patch a Hardwood Floor

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It only requires a single damaged field of floors to ruin the overall look of your whole room, which explains the reason why it’s essential to comprehend the fundamentals of hardwood flooring restoration. The fantastic thing is that the process is rather simple; you just must be certain you have the appropriate tools and directions beforehand. Now you’re prepared to start repairing hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Repair

The very first step into the hardwood flooring repair procedure is to remove the plank that’s damaged. It is possible to start by drawing a line down the middle of the board to function as a guide since this is where you’ll be cutting.

It’s very important that your saw is on a setting so that it is going to cut through the upper layer of this floor only rather than the subfloor. Next, you’ll need to create the end cuts along with your utility knife and ruler. This may take a few cuts all of the ways down the plank.

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The following measure of repairing hardwood flooring is your sanding. This can be fairly simple as you’re dealing with such a tiny location. Simply use a belt sander and a tough, 60 grit bit of sandpaper since you’ll need to eliminate the damaged material hardwood flooring San Antonio. As soon as you’ve completed with that step now is the time to replace the board.

This might require that you cut at the bottom half of this groove so as to make it match. As soon as you do it should slide in without giving you some trouble. When the replacement is inserted, make certain to use your rubber mallet to ensure it is securely in place.

Before you complete your hardwood flooring repair endeavor, it’s also crucial that you remove the old finish, which could actually be among the more challenging areas of the job.

On the flip side, there are usually differences in color between different boards as this is part of owning a natural wood finish, therefore in most situations, it isn’t vital to coincide with the colors perfectly. You will most likely have to substitute the end on the whole board that required focus however and occasionally to people surrounding it.

Finally, you’re ready to proceed into the last phase of hardwood flooring repair, employing the end. Because end will dull, you might need to do the whole floor if you’d like it to match. Try out only the fixed plank initially and see how it goes.