Future Tech Computers and SAAS – A Glimpse Ahead to Future Jobs

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The Maharashtra government has announced that it will be creating an IT corridor in the state through which various upcoming IT, BPO and other companies associated with the technology sector can create jobs for thousands of young students and eventually contribute to the state’s economy. This is done by allotting a block of land on which companies associated with the technology sector can establish their office and work from thereon.

The block of land will be developed by the Maharashtra State Government through a joint venture of private and government organizations online computer shop. With this move, the state is expecting foreign investors to boost the infrastructural development of the state through the creation of thousands of new jobs in Mumbai and surrounding states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

Future Tech Computers and SAAS

According to the statement made by the Maharashtra State Government, today, the IT corridors have been developed in the cities of Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Nashik, Index, and Nagpur. The Maharashtra Government has also decided to allow six million CVC (accessory value) bonds as the first tranches of financial assistance offered by it to the upcoming IT companies associated with the state.

The bond is meant for providing interim finance to the IT companies for improving their infrastructure and setting up new offices and departments in the state. “This is the first tranche of financial assistance offered by the state to the technology-based industry. We are expecting foreign investors to contribute to the Maharashtra State Government’s growth and build thousands of jobs here,” said a top official of the Maharashtra State Government.

Final Words

There have been many cases of mergers and acquisitions already where the head of one such company was working for the multinational companies associated with that company. In other words, there are already several multinationals involved in establishing their operations in different parts of the country. The State has also issued show agreements and joint ventures and collaborations where multinationals have agreed to set up their manufacturing facilities in various parts of the state. The most suitable location for any of these companies associated with Maharashtra would be the Mumbai metropolitan city. Therefore, this has paved way for the Maharashtra Government to make use of the Future Tech Computers and SAAS website for Future Technology Demonstration Projects which can help in creating new jobs for the people of Maharashtra and also in reducing the unemployment in the state.