Domain Registrar Meaning In 2021

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There are several different domain registrar meanings. Sometimes the domain registrar will be an individual, other times it can be a corporation Read more. But, in most cases, it is a one-time fee per year registration. A simple Internet search of the domain name of the domain registrar that you want to register shows several results and the information is not always accurate.

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Most people do not understand that the domain registrar assigned their domain names to the customers. You may have seen domain names with the words dot-com, dot-net, or dot-org listed in the address portion of the web browser. Those are not the domain names of the domain registrars but are simply examples of possible domain combinations.

Domain Registrar Meaning

What does this all mean? It means that if you go to your favorite domain registrar’s web page and enter the domain name that you want to register, the web server will begin its process of finding servers for that domain. The search will return a list of domains that are registered with that particular registrar. Of course, you will see a lot of information such as the name of the registrant, expiration date, whether the domain name is managed, if it is, and whois information. You should also see what other domains the domain registrar owns. This is important because some companies allow others to use their name in exchange for a fee.

Now, it is easy to see why someone would want to buy a domain name from their domain registrar instead of from an individual seller. With a domain name, you are assured that the owner of the domain name has complete control over it, meaning they can change the domain name at any time they wish, and they do not have to worry about somebody else using the domain. Most individuals would prefer to have complete control over the domain name instead of partial control and being forced to give up control of the domain.

There are many companies that offer domain registration services. The best known of these companies are ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and Verisign. ICANN is a California non-profit corporation that was formed by the United States Government and responsible for managing the DNS root registry. Verisign is a Virginia-based company that works under the name “VeriSign”.

Final Words

Before buying a domain name from a registrar, you should research their reputation. This can be done by looking at domain name sales records and price history. If you are still unsure, then look for testimonials or reviews from customers on the internet. You can also contact customer service phone numbers or support lines in the domain name registrar’s website. Many times there will be an email address for support, so check there too.