Children’s Books About the United States

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For your child’s first book about the United States, consider a compilation of famous presidents. This book will review each president and their characteristics. It groups them into recognizable groups based on their common traits. The text is aimed at a preschool audience, but older children can benefit from a more in-depth treatment of the presidents. Here are three great choices. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Children’s Books

In this read-aloud picture book, the child will be introduced to famous Americans such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and more. The photos in the book include children’s bedrooms, including a four-year-old boy sleeping on an open-air mattress outside of Rome. The boy is afraid of the police finding him. Another children’s book features a young American girl who practices for child pageants, Jasmine.

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Historically, American authors tended to write non-fantastic stories that amused and educate. The famous Lassie series by Eric Knight, for example, black kids books, endured adaptation to television and film. Ben Lucien Burman, another American writer, created authentic talking animals in his series of “Catfish Bend” tales. Ultimately, American literature shifted from didactic literature to a more entertaining, awe-inspiring style.

Children’s Books Focus on Growing Up

Other notable children’s books focus on growing up. A classic example is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, which has been a favorite for older elementary girls since the 1970s. Another popular theme is holidays, with children able to learn about holidays in their own family or those of other groups. The Christmas books are one example, but there are holiday books for every holiday imaginable. The United States has many more.

The quality of American children’s literature has been affected by the business of publishing since the 1930s. These children’s writers were influenced by social pressures, just as adults are. Consequently, some classics have undergone criticism as they reflected changes in values. Many children’s writers have become part of the canon of world literature. This is a great example of the evolution of American children’s literature.