Article Video Robot In The UK – Will It Replace Social Networking Sites?

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The new and upcoming “robot on wheels” software from MegaNet is the new kid on the block and has already generated a lot of interest in the artificial intelligence community. MegaTech is currently seeking funding for their video robot in the UK after launching last month.

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If this project comes to fruition then it will be interesting to see how this robot in the UK can compete against the likes of the Nintendo Wii, Kinect, and Sony PlayStation. Currently, there are no game consoles that can currently connect to and convert video into text.

New and Upcoming “Robot on Wheels

But with the rise of tablet-based computing and wireless internet for video many gaming industries are looking towards this area for some forward-thinking. With the development of the Wii and Kinect, there are now many videorobot controllers which can also act as an input device, so it will be interesting to see if the MegaTech video robot in the UK can achieve similar success.

This article robot in the UK is a clear advancement over similar programs such as the Wii and Kinect. It also has the ability to connect with any of your existing social sites and allows you to post and comment on videos and photos. MegaTech is currently seeking funds for its video robot in the UK after launching last month. If successful this article video robot in the UK will go one step further by combining the video ability of the Wii and Kinect together with the ability to interact with friends and family.

Will the new article video robot in the UK replace the need for ever-popular video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Facebook? It is hard to say, as the market at present is so competitive. Will the new video robot in the UK attract more visitors than the ever-increasing number of video sharing sites that exist today.

Final Words

At the moment social sites such as MySpace and Facebook have more members than video websites such as Google video and Vimeo combined. These social sites are probably the biggest factor in driving traffic to video websites as they all offer different methods of video sharing.

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