Air Conditioning Refrigerant – Why Is It Needed?

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The refrigerant in air conditioning refrigerant tanks should be replaced periodically to ensure the smooth, cool operation of your air conditioning system. The question you may have at this point is why bother? The simple answer is that refrigerant is rarely used up as gas in your automobile.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant

Refilling your air conditioning refrigerant tank with antifreeze without repairing a major leak is very much like filling a flat tire with antifreeze without repairing the flat tire.

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Most people don’t think to refill their refrigerants as often as they should. Refrigerants are used up in cooling and dehumidifying systems as energy is removed to cool and heat air and water Air Conditioning Eastern Suburbs. When the unit cools the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator coil or condenser coils condense and form ice, which requires extra energy to recirculate and heat the liquid refrigerants again.

Most air conditioning refrigerant tanks are available at local retailers or can be purchased through the Internet. Antifreeze and Freon refrigerants are available in both packaged and portable versions. They are both sold in multiple packs and can be used in most cooling systems. The portable variety of freon can be transferred between cooling systems on-site or transferred in a truck to be used in other refrigeration systems.