Additional Insurance Coverage For Your Wedding Photography

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Wedding Photographer Insurance will help protect your investment and the intellectual property rights of your photography career. Wedding photography is not like other types of photography. The lives of your images depending on their quality, so if you are uninsurable, you lose your business. Having wedding photographer insurance will help fill the holes in your wedding photography plan with coverage that provides you with financial protection in the event the worst should happen and your photography is lost.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers are in a high-risk category because they take pictures of people who cannot promise to protect the images, such as parents handing down photos to a son, daughter, or sibling.

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Bodily Injury Claims:

Another type of risk for wedding photographers is bodily injury claims. If your wedding day gets postponed or interrupted for some reason, you as the wedding photographer stand the chance of incurring a claim.

Claims often arise when the photographers themselves are at fault bergen county wedding photographer. Claims may also be filed against venues where your wedding was held if venue staff failed to provide adequate security for the wedding photographer and you were unable to complete the final shots on time.

Property Damage:

One of the worst things that could happen to a wedding photographer is to be hit by a vehicle. This is especially true if the vehicle is uninsured since you will not be compensated for any physical injury, but also for the loss of business and potential earnings from future weddings.

Having additional insurance coverage for property damage would alleviate the financial losses resulting from a covered accident, not to mention protect your reputation. You stand to make additional repairs or replacements that may incur costs in the future.