5 Ways To Stop Scam Moving Companies From Ripping You Off This Season

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Listed below are the five main things you can do to protect yourself from the growing threat of becoming victim to a moving business scam boca raton moving company. Scam movers have taken within the business and the fair movers may barely compete. That is a good deal of moving and packaging for all these bad movers to rip people off. By following a couple of simple actions that you can have the advantage over your movers and safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and all you own.

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The most important thing you can do to protect yourself when hiring a moving company would be to employ only licensed movers as regulated by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA). By dealing with licensed moving companies you’re eligible for certain Rights and Responsibilities When Moving as outlined in this Federal Government. You ought to be provided a copy of the document by your moving company before you. Be sure you’re dealing with a real moving firm rather than moving brokers. The moment they get your money they are no longer interested in you or your belongings.

The best place to discover a moving company is through your local sources like paper, yellow pages, or word of mouth Daniel Adams Removals. Ask local friends what movers they have used. Do not trust the crap you read on a person’s website. Ask for the telephone number of the last 3 customers. If they won’t create a phone number then ask that they call you instead.

If they are reluctant to do this then it is possible to anticipate their service was not so spectacular. Make certain you get a written binding estimate according to 400n tariff weight rather than cubic footage. Paying for the true weight of your household products can help you save money. Why allow a crooked moving company to pack your stuff in boxes when they are charging you by the cubic foot? They adore the full-service pack and move jobs since they cost more.

The safest way to move your stuff is to move.

Self-service moving has become quite the rage in recent years and businesses that offer various self relocation services are quickly becoming business leaders. Moving trucks and drivers are as popular as ever with over 1 million moving trucks rented per year. You’re permitted to pack at your own pace while the box remains close to your house safe and secured. As soon as you are finished packing your moving pod may be delivered to your new home in the same city or another state.

If you are not interested in loading or driving a truck possibly you would rather hire a truck and driver with your package and load they drive moving solutions. Packing supplies and services add a little to your move price. Save yourself money by packaging your own stuff and make it secure before you packed it. Beware, scam movers prefer to blame you for damages to things packed. Packing your own things is the safest way but if you use a moving service to pack your things is sure they use quality packing materials and supplies.

Some moving companies have particular rolls of tape which are shorter and more economical than normal rolls. They utilize cheap moving boxes that might not encourage your material and they may under pack boxes in an effort to use more boxes and space for the truck. Moving blankets, hand trucks, and wheel dollys are tools of this trade to get an expert mover but foreign objects to scam movers. Do not let them float your furniture up and have them load your items properly. Most movers will not be qualified to do things like setting up your electrical equipment or some appliances. Look after these things yourself in order to be sure your home is safe from any potential harm.

After your mover has unpacked and delivered your products you should check for any obvious damages instantly. By law, you have 90 days to submit a claim with your mover but it’s always best to do so straight away. Give a photo of video evidence of the contents of your home prior to and after the move as proof of any damages or items missing. Stolen or lost items must be reported to the authorities right away.


No matter what the movers state you have the right to whine about your things not arriving as they were supposed to. Document any complaints with your movers straight away and follow along with should they withstand then take this up with all the FMCSA. Obviously, this isn’t a whole collection of things you should do before you rent a moving company. Good sense and judgment ought to be used whenever you hire any firm to perform a service to you. Please review the list of resources below for more information about relocation and moving services.

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